E-T-A's MPR20 monostable power relay optimises battery management regarding power consumption and safety

  • INDUSTRY: TRANSPORTATION – Agricultural engineering
  • PRODUCT SOLUTION: MPR20 monostable power relay

HORSCH is a leading global manufacturer of innovative agricultural technology
for soil cultivation, seeding and plant protection.


»At HORSCH, we pay a lot of attention to a low total current requirement of the vehicle when the engine is not running, to avoid straining loads for the battery, when the ignition is switched on while the machine is standing still.

The MPR20 power relay impresses with its top quality at a fair price«

Matthias Ferstl, HORSCH – Electronics development

Requirement: reliable rupture delay for follow-up routines

Agricultural machinery is often used seasonally. This also applies to the Leeb PT auto-driver for plant protection. A battery master switch is used to prevent the battery from discharging during longer standstills or to initiate a safe condition even in emergency situations. It disconnects the complete electrical system from the battery.

The MPR20 combined with a timer relay replaces the mechanical switch in the Leeb PT. It offered no rupture delay option, which is necessary for the follow-up routine of the AGR system. The mechanical switch was hardly accessible, making it impossible to reach it quickly in case of an emergency or it was not activated after the machine was switched off.

Solution: MPR20 monostable power relay combined with a timer relay

The implementation of the MPR20 provides more convenience for the driver as well as safety and reliability during machine operation. The master switch can be activated quickly and easily from the driver’s cabin via rocker switch. According to HORSCH, the MPR20 impresses with its top quality at a fair price.

The HDSCS plug-in connector allows simple and safe mounting and saves time and costs. Thanks to its IP6K9K degree of protection and material resistance, the MPR20 meets the harsh operating conditions of plant protection. The monostable MPR20 is particularly convincing due to its minimum power consumption of less than 2 Watt.

All benefits at a glance

  • Minimum power consumption of the MPR
  • Convenient, save and reliable machine operation for the driver
  • Safe and simple mounting – saving time and money!
  • Suitable for harsh operating conditions - IP6K9K degree of protection

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