Process industry

E-T-A products contribute to enhanced system availability and stable processes in your production facilities

Our circuit breakers and circuit protectors reliably protect your AC and DC power supplies against short circuit and overcurrent

Stable production processes are of great importance in the process industry. They help achieve a consistently high quality of the products to be manufactured and safe operation of the systems.

A vital component is the AC 230 V and DC 24 V protection. The protection concept must ensure a reliable power supply of the loads. This is particularly true in the event of short circuits in the supply lines or during overload events. Depending on the size of the plant or system, there are special requirements that need to be accounted for by the protection concept.

Reliable protection of the application

The electronic circuit protectors protect the DC 24 V power supply in the event of short circuit with their linear current limitation. Voltage dips are prevented and so are inadvertent downtimes.

Flexibility in design and wiring

The modular power distribution systems allow individual system planning that can ideally be adapted to the requirements. The plug-in type circuit protectors allow easy extensions of systems or adjustments.

Customer-specific solutions for individual requirements

Power distribution systems especially adjusted to customer needs make standardisation and system planning easy. This saves time in the design stage and leads to a harmonised power distribution.


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