Battery isolation switches

The protective function of thermal-magnetic battery isolation switches and DC disconnects is achieved by the combination of temperature and magnetic force.

The thermal element of the circuit breaker protects by tripping with a time delay upon rising temperature caused by overload. The magnetic element responds without time delay to high overload and short circuit currents. It disconnects the faulty circuit within a few milliseconds.

Characteristic features:

  • The devices offer a range of mounting versions, toggle actuation, screw terminals and snap-action mechanism.
  • They are highly resistant to the effects of shock, vibration, salt mist, humidity and similar influences.
  • The contact design features high reliability and is unsusceptible to welding.
  • The devices have a positively trip-free mechanism. Operation and protective function is independent of external influences, no matter how slow or fast the actuator is operated or even when the toggle is blocked.
  • Auxiliary circuits, electrically isolated from the main circuit, and electrical remote trip (serial feature for the battery isolation switch) are available as an option.

Isolation switches are ideally suitable as main switches in industrial plants and for load-independent remote disconnection in motor and rail vehicles and all kinds of watercraft.

Battery master switches are the ideal product to protect batteries and cables in buses and trucks, rail vehicles, passenger cars, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, special vehicles and mobile homes.