Circuit Breakers, Power Relays & SSRPCs | Heavy Truck

Reliable components and intelligent systems for the use in trucks

Circuit breakers, electronic relays, power and high-voltage relays for a safe, reliable and efficient vehicle electrical system

Electrification, digitisation, networks: The transformation of the utility vehicles industry requires innovative components and systems, adapted to customer needs.

E-T-A specialises in overcurrent protection, solid state and smart relays, power relays as well as arc-free high voltage contactors and we support our customers every day in harmonising innovation, profitability, safety and reliability.

Preventing downtimes

Our well-proven resettable automotive circuit breakers replace ATO® and MINI® blade-type fuses, minimise time for trouble-shooting and avoid unnecessary and expensive vehicle downtimes.

Wear-free and noiseless operation

As they have no moving contacts, our electronic relays can be used to switch high inductive loads, wear-free, noiseless and with high frequency.

Compact, robust and energy-efficient

Limited installation space, maximum reliability and minimum energy requirement determine our customers’ activities. Our electro-mechanical power relays are optimised in this regard and were designed and tested in accordance with ISO 16750.


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