Creates space.

The REX system.

The all-in-one solution for power supply, bus controller, overcurrent protection and power distribution

You need more space in the control cabinet?

Space is a valuable asset in the machine construction and process control area for you. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to make the best use of the available space. The DC 24 V supply is also an important factor when designing the control cabinets. Current set-ups require a lot of space due to components that take up a lot of room or additional space for cooling the modules. This is precisely where the REX system comes in.

60 % more space in the control cabinet - this is what the REX system can provide compared to conventional architectures. Our all-in-one solution has a modular design and integrates power supply, bus controller, overcurrent protection and power distribution. More space in the control cabinet is not the only benefit - for larger installations, the complete control cabinet may be omitted. In the best case scenario, this results in a smaller footprint.

The components of the REX system

The REX system combines different components. These are easy to install and maintain. Thanks to the patented connection technology, one “click” is enough to connect the modules with each other.

The switch mode power supply of the Power4® REX series forms the heart of the system. Compared to other solutions, they need 35 % less volume, significantly contributing to the space-saving design of the total system.

The REX system also helps implement Predictive Maintenance thanks to Condition Monitoring. Always with the aim of increasing machine availability even further.

The system structure of the easy-to-install overall system consists of a switched-mode power supply unit, the ControlPlex® bus controllers and the electronic circuit breakers (1- and 2-channel) as well as the potential modules, which are responsible for power distribution.


Switch mode power supply + BUS controller

Overcurrent protection + power distribution

All-in-one solution

As an alternative to the switched-mode power supply unit, power supply modules can also be used to supply the REX system with power. Centre power supply modules are optionally used at any point in the system. In this way, redundant power supplies or the supply of several voltage potentials can be realised.

The REX system can be configured in a basic version (BASE) or as an intelligent version with extensive communication options (COM). The system independently recognises the respective operating mode to enable future-proof and sustainable planning.

Brochure REX-System

Find out all about the components, functions and benefits of the REX system.


All benefits of the REX system at a glance:

With our REX system, you not only create an enormous amount of space, but also increase your machine availability and flexibility and reduce your costs.

Saves up to 60 % space in the control cabinet

thanks to its uniquely compact design

Increases machine uptime

through clear failure detection, high transparency and remote diagnosis

Flexibility is ensured

through easy mounting, modular design and convenient adjustment

Saves 50 % time

through innovative and flexible connection technology

Saves costs

through a configuration fit for the future and elimination of further accessories

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