Type: EPR10


162,4 mm
Typ EPR10 von E-T-A: Das elektronisches Power Relais EPR10 ist ein Halbleiterrelais für hohe Dauerströme.

The electronic power relay EPR10 is a solid state relay for high continuous currents. It is suitable for use in utility vehicles and special vehicles where reliability and functional safety are at a premium. At DC 24 V, the EPR10 allows a continuous load of up to 200 A.

The EPR10 is available in two different versions: EPR10-N is a relay and has no protective function. Two performance classes are available (up to 100 A and up to 200 A). EPR10-P is a protective relay and monitors both the load current and the thermal load. In the event of a critical condition, the device will automatically interrupt the circuit and will issue a group fault signal.

Note: We are preparing a separate version for applications where the current can flow in both directions. The present EPR10 design only allows one current direction.

Voltage rating of load DC 12 V/ DC 24 V
DC 24 V
Number of poles 1-pole
Signal outputs
Terminal design
Certificates E1 (KBA)


  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Mechanical engineering


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