Type: PowerPlex® Gateway CG300


The PowerPlex® Gateway is a multi-protocol module to connect PowerPlex® systems with other networks. It allows the combination of a PowerPlex® CAN bus with various other bus systems: CAN (e.g. NMEA2000, SAE J1939), Modbus.

Gateway automatically translates and filters incoming messages so that only relevant data will be transmitted or received. This ensures a consistent flow of information for controlling and monitoring of the entire application.

Product features:

  • Two high-speed CAN channels
  • Galvanic isolation the CAN interfaces
  • Flexible gateway to other bus systems: CAN (e.g. NMEA2000, SAE J1939), Modbus.
  • Filtering of data traffic
  • User-friendly configuration and parameter selection

Application examples:

  • Ease of network connection of a PowerPlex® system
  • Data exchange between PowerPlex® and third-party systems
  • Integration of third-party systems


  • Watercraft & Vehicles


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