Type: PowerPlex® Compact Module COM24


The PowerPlex® COM24 is our Compact Module and has especially been designed for the use in small boats and vehicles. The module can switch up to ten electrical loads with up to 10 A.

The digital inputs allow connection of switches, momentary switches or point level displays. The analog inputs can monitor tank levels, temperature and battery condition. In order to change the sense of rotation of a DC motor, e.g. for a step ladder, two outputs can be used as an H-bridge.

Product features:

  • Configurable outputs (10 x 8 / 10 A)
  • Software-controlled overcurrent protection with current measurement
  • Hardware-controlled safety disconnection
  • Self-protection of power transistors

Application examples:

  • Control and monitoring of DC loads
  • Control, dimming and monitoring of lights
  • Windshield wiper control
  • Motor control, i.e. steps, lift beds, drawers (pull-outs)
  • Voltage measurement
  • Current measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Control of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Fuel flow monitoring
  • Fuel tank level / remaining volume
  • Water tank levels / remaining volume
  • pump control and monitoring


  • Watercraft & Vehicles


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