Type: PowerPlex® AC Module


Our PowerPlex® AC Modules feature custom design to meet the customer needs in the different markets.

Our customers’ specific requirements determine our AC solutions. They differ in the number of slots, the circuit breakers used for protection of the AC loads as well as in the housing type.

For example, the PowerPlex® AC8345R Module provides up to 14 slots for magnetic-hydraulic 8345R circuit breakers.

Product features:

  • Configurable outputs
  • Overcurrent protection by means of circuit breakers for equipment protection
  • Monitoring of output status
  • Hardware-controlled safety disconnection
  • Override function

Application example:

  • Control and monitoring of AC loads
  • Remote control of circuit breakers (only 8345R)
  • Voltage measurement
  • Current measurement


  • Watercraft & Vehicles
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