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ControlPlex® with SVS201-CP

Specially for automation: Bus communication for DC 24 V control circuits

The new power distribution system ControlPlex® Board type SVS201-CP allows the continuing analysis of the load currents and load voltage now also on the DC 24 V level. This can future be purposefully used for the energy consumption behaviour of machinery and equipment. This is mainly relevant with regard to the introduction of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 and a continuous data logging. 

Overcurrent protection and power distribution "on board" Together with the electronic circuit protector type ESX50D-S and the bus controller CPC10, the power distribution board SVS201-PWR forms an intelligent power distribution system for the 24V control voltage level. The entire system is suitable for various field bus and Ethernet derivatives and offers 8 to 24 slots with a total rated current of 40 A.

Technical features

  • By cascading the power distributors, the system can be extended to four strings with a total of 96 slots 
  • Genuine "plug & play" and hot swap capability through plug-in type electronic circuit protectors type ESX50D-S, equipped with integral current limitation and a trip curve for all loads 
  • Adjustment of the current rating is either by way of software or directly on the unit. 

Software packages ControlPlex® Views and ControlPlex® Tools

The included software packages ControlPlex® Views and ControlPlex® Tools facilitate hardware configuration in the planning stage, during start-up or maintenance. The integral application CPU of the CPC bus controller then collects in a cycle period of the internal ELBus® of max. 730 ms all messages and measuring data of up to 96 control circuits. All status information and measuring values is then forwarded to the superordinate control unit, e.g. via PROFINET or PROFIBUS-DP. The integral history memory offers valuable support for trouble-shooting in the event of short circuit or overload in the load circuit in question and thus helps to minimise undesired downtimes.